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Blackpool to Belem nonstopAmazzonia Sempre… is an Atlantic ocean crossing, singlehanded and nonstop from Blackpool(UK) to the Amazon (4100nm). On a 26 feets sailing boat built in 1968.

I am conscious (probably not completely) than it will be tough and the many obstacles I may face, also beacuse i am immune to sea sickness and my experience is limited.

But I strongly believe to succeed and will invest all my resources and my energy in realizing this dream.

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My name is Ruggero Carbognin for friends Baloo and I was born in 1970 and ever since i was teenager i dream of a life at sea in balance with nature.

Was 1986 and on a sunny spring day I realized that I would find my answers in the sail. Gianfranco, Lydia and their son Michele Ciacci came to visit my father and told us the adventures of their last six years on a sailboat, the “Seagull” which from Chioggia brought them to Australia. Their eyes illuminated with joy and enthusiasm dazzled me and I understood.

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Invicta 26 StriderHis name is Strider from the character Aragorn of the book “The Lord of the Rings”, the masterpiece of fantasy literature and one of my favorite books.

“Strider” is an Invicta 26 built by Taylor of England in 1968, so it’s older than me. The keel is long, a feature which should ensure a remarkable stability of route, with transom hung rudder. The displacement of 5130 lbs is considered heavy, with 45% of weight in the keel means that it behaves very well even in rough seas. The pencil is to E. G. van de Stadt famous designer active in the ’60s and ’90s and provides an excellent overall balance without sacrificing performance.

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