Boats and math

Jan 5th, 2011No Comments

I was used to read descriptions of boats based on the overall length, width, draft and displacement.
Instead I discovered that there are a whole series of mathematical design formulas, some empirical i belive, which attempt to describe and predict what will be the behavior of the boat.

Sail Area Displacement Ratio (SA/D)Displacement/Length Ratio (D/L)Space IndexMotion Comfort IndexCapsize Screening FormulaCapsize Screening FormulaRoll AccelerationRoll Period

I do not attempt to explain the why and wherefore of these formulas, others can do definitely better than me:

A couple of these formulas shine to my eyes and will be the basis of my research: “Motion Comfort Index” and “Roll Acceleration” that try to predict what will be the sudden movement of the boat into the sea, very interesting data for a guy not immune to seasickness.

My research has been directed, especially since I found databases with hundreds of boats categorized according to these mathematical parameters:

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