Friends of Strider

Dec 2nd, 2011No Comments

To succeed in a project like “Amazzonia Sempre …”, basically with a zero budget, you need a lot of things to fit together in the right way. Fortune, for sure: like find the right boat at the right price and with an owner also disposed to help you out. Stubbornness: believe to it despite all the contrary opinions. Cold blood: to resist despite the math continue to say that something is missing. But above all you need friends.

Those who do not simply give you advice but make you understand them, like Luigi Ottogalli author of the good book “Rotta a Zig Zag” and with whom I exchanged a few emails. Luigi is a true traveler, and if he does not define himself a navigation, he has definitely big experience to share with us in his blog a pleasant reading as his book.

Then there are sailors friends that want help and give you spare material. I received a couple of old sails. Larger than Strider needs and I’m not going to cut and sew to get the right size sail, but on which I can never fully rely. Most likely i will obtain spray dodgers and bags, and if I learn to sew, there is also a chance to earn something.

Finally there are friends who have bought, first of all, one of my shirts from Zazzle to make a surprise. Thanks Giggi, the first patch on the side of Strider will bring your name (Your Name on Strider).

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