WWF & Me

Dec 6th, 2011No Comments

Realize your dreams, even the simple decision to start without being sure to make it, gives you strength. That kind of strength that makes you feel alive and gives you the courage to face and overcome obstacles belived insurmountables.

But if realizing this personal path you could also be helpful to others, then the circle is closed and the balance is reached. At least for a while.

This is why a two weeks ago I wrote to various associations related to the Amazon offering this my dream called “Amazzonia Sempre…”. The WWF replied first, demonstrating all it’s organization. I must say I was surprised that other organizations have’nt responded to me, my be only to say “no thanks”. I probably have not written to the right people or have not been sufficiently clear in the letter. However, the WWF responded and now I am officially a supporter, they give me a personal badge.

My first official action was to open a page for donations using the portal JustGiving. The funds raised are included in the WWF-Sky Rainforest Rescue that promises to save a billion trees in the Amazon. The beauty of this initiative is that every penny donated will be doubled with a similar donation by Sky (yes the tv broadcster).

With just 2 pounds you save 100 trees. Let us take advantage of Sky, donate now!

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