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Computer and salt water do not go together, but today’s boats have evermore electronics. You have to buy it, update it and then it breaks down, leaving the skipper naked in front of the sea. Everything to know that the wind is blowing at exactly 21 knots and not about 20 as the experience tell you, to know in every moment where we are removing a lot of sailing beauty, to communicate and get help from anywhere renouncing at all to the idea to take care of themselves first.

Truly, among all the GPS is a very great tool but keep it on to get updated every second the route traveled it’s not very useful; yes you can publish interesting tracks on the internet or make race analysis, but I find that the old routes drawn with a daily point on paper are much more human.

Electricity and salt water do not go well together.


Despite this my very spartan vision, i sit the majority of my days in front of the PC and like any addiction, I can not think to renounce to a pc easily, that’s why, despite the electricity on board is very limited I will have a notebook.
Some time ago I saw a video of a Chinese laptop that was completely immersed in a bucket of water and just keeps on running. Well, yes, there are waterproof notebooks, but are cost prohibitive for me or are unavailable military productions such as those powered by ethanol. The most popular waterproof and shock-resistant models are the Panasonic Toughbook series, but the used one that I could afford is slow and with low memory and ram. In a word too old. I don’t need big performance, I use the Office package, a software for managing and retouching photos, maybe another one for videos and little else. So in the end, though I know that the future is the touchscreen tablet I chose a low-cost notebook without special protections to shock and water and if it breaks patience. Indeed if it breaks down I will also be happy.
The PC promised to make our work easier and faster with the result of more leisure time to spend, but instead as expected by Bertrand Russell, we had to adjust our pace to the capabilities of the PC and then some Downshifting can do only well.

In addition to the basic softwares I will install, among many nautical other, the famous chartplotter OpenCPN , a decoder for weatherfax and something else. Finally, if I can make it work I will install the nautic operating system Navigatrix based on linux and running from a USB stick. Navigatrix have inside preinstalled a lot of softwares that can serve at sea and it’s all in a usbpen of 4giga and also has the interesting feature to turn off the hard drive avoiding breakage and consuming less.

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