Which books to bring?

Dec 17th, 2011No Comments

I am a books lover, and during my itineraries by bus often I find myself thinking about what books to read I will take with me.
Think about it, focus the situation, it’s not an easy or obvious choice at all. First for reasons of space and weight. I trust on my e-book reader that can hold thousands books in memory, but I consider it a surplus that in a moment can stop working and lose all the books saved. After all it is always an electronic object in the sea, sooner or later it breaks.

Maybe I’m mistaken, perhaps in spite of the long voyage I will not have a moment of peace and I will always be busy with the boat, but the image of being alone on the ocean for so many days, in my mind is directly linked to good and long readings. But what are these beautiful readings?

It ‘a game of juggling. I take that beautiful book I’ve read or a new one that can be a disappointment? I carry that old book discovered in a flea market, knowing that it could ruin? Better a novel or an essay? Point on the classics or try new one? For me it’s a very difficult choice, I would not be in the middle of the ocean and being with the desire to read that particular book that I know I have in my library, upper on the right.
There are also particular titles that require a moment of more reflection: “Moby Dick” I take it, is the first on my list, but will be a proper reading? “La grande foresta” or “Il bel paese” will make me homesick?

Adding it all up and putting a limit to 10 I would take:

But there are too many other than that I would like to add.
What books would bring with you?

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