Sponsor Wanted

Jan 14th, 2012No Comments

I spent over a month to decide and then I sent sponsorship requests to various companies.

I was very hesitant, perhaps for pride, but perhaps also for a feeling of freedom I wanted to make my project entirely on my own. I could say alone at sea and alone on land.
But considering that my savings are a bit low and that the projections for the next few months are below the target I set for myself, I decide to send the sponsorships requests.

Initially, I prepared a letter and an almost professional sponsorship scheme, aiming to receive at least a couple of funders sponsors. But I soon realized that it is very difficult for a stranger who has not yet done anything to be taken seriously by companies that receive hundreds of similar requests per year. I understand that they do not give money and not take any risk even if the cost / benefit analysis is all to their advantage. In short, the maximum that a person in my position can hope to obtain, without disturbing the mass media, are discounts in material supply.

I thank the Slovenian Sandiline, a manufacturer of technical clothing and the German Sprenger, manufacturer of sail hardware, for giving me these great discounts on the catalog, I am considering your offer very positively. I just need a little time to figure out how to divide my limited resources and above all to decide what to renounce.

I still hope that a brave come forward to sponsor Strider e “Amazzonia Sempre…”

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