To communicate

Feb 29th, 2012No Comments

All the people I told about project “Amazzonia Sempre …” don’t understand that I can not communicate during the vojage.

The keenest ask me: “and if I want to call, to hear how are you?” They fail to understand that communication from a small boat armed in economics as Strider are near impossible from mid-Atlantic ocean. Perhaps they expect that all boats are like the Copa America that you see on TV.
While more technological ask: “why not a satellite phone?” I can not and do not want to afford it, it costs and consumes.
These questions really make me realize that we tend to take for granted certain services and not understand that behind the banal phone there is a whole infrastructure required; That the convenience of a power source is not the daughter of a magical and inexhaustible source but is fruit of plants and distribution networks.

all would be well advised to do some sailing.


One of the main aspects that make me love sailing is that I get closer to the ideal of self-sufficiency. Forcing me to go for a reduction in consumption and waste, makes me realize how many useless things we take for granted every day and helps me to give importance to the few things that really matter. Making me feel more free.

However in the end I will carry an object called “Spot Satellite Messenger” which to the mandatory sos function adds the ability to constantly update the location on a map on a personal web page. So those who follow me from the ground will know exactly where I will be without having to call.

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