The time is now

Feb 12th, 2012No Comments

My plan is to move to Blackpool to Strider around mid-May, to work on Strider for a couple of months and then in early August to leave the dock with route on the Amazon.

In view of this timing is now time for me to plan expenses and execute orders for works on Strider and especially to decide which works to do.
Given my chronic lack of funds I will be forced, with a Zen-like satisfaction, to confine myself to essentials.

The most expensive and required will be the new sails (mainsail and furling genoa), the windvane, painting the hull and deck hardware control. But the thing that makes me think it is electrical energy.

I have a small battery of 86 Ah and by my calculations I should consume 30/35 Ah per day, which considering the charge performance it means that I have to recharge the batteries every 24/36h. It’s impossible to use the engine alternator to recharge the batteries when not in emergency situations. The fuel on board would be grossly inadequate and the final cost per ampere would be shameful.

The only solution would be a 80/100W solar panel that I’m not sure where to place to keep it in full sun and perpendicular to the sun for optimum performance. Eventually I’ll have to install even if a part of me pushes toward a conscious renunciation to electricity.

We will see. Meanwhile I try to get discounts on the sails and windvane.

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