First gift for Strider

Mar 24th, 2012No Comments

Last week I made a big gift to Strider. I bought him the new sails. Mainsail with two hands and furling genoa.

Before taking this step I’ve been thinking a lot. I would, by necessity, doing things in economy but invicta 26, perhaps to the age of design, has strange measures. Significantly less sleek of modern sails.

I found sites that sell second-hand sails at really interesting prices for sails described as nearly new (SecondWindSails ExchangeSails AtlanticSailTraders). Unfortunately I have not found anything that could adapt to unusual measures of Strider. So, reluctantly I have given up looking for used sails even if my friends suggested to adapt or build sails by myself. Fascinating solution but I leave it for the future.

I chose then to buy new sails, and found that in structural details of an ocean sail, while following the same logic, any sailmaker is different; making it hard for a neophyte to compare quotes so differents in the final total.
I take the decision, almost obvious: I chose LEE Sailmakers from Hong Kong that besides being the least expensive, by accepting my proposal, for their logo on the sails make me an interesting additional discount.

And if someone, because they cost less and come from the east, has doubts about their quality have to know that Moitessier had chosen sails LEE.

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