Working on Strider

Jun 3rd, 20122 Comments

May 15 I moved to England at Lytham by Strider, and I have about two months to put it in perfect shape.

I arrived without an accommodation and the first days I slept, with a certain emotion, in the boat. The first impact, with all the gear stowed below deck wasting space, it was difficult and made ​​me very doubtful, but now after losing a day to tidy up and after working around every day, the feelings are very good. It ‘s perfect for me.

The work, despite some rainy day (the minimum since we are in England) are progressing well and I should fit on time. For now I am focused on painting the hull and fix the deck. Another few days and this first phase of work will be finished. Then tap to the solar system, windvane, etc.

Now I’m in it doing the work and not just by thinking and organizing it. All took a look more real, immediate and easy. If I have to do something, I start it and if there are problems I fix it one by one without wasting time and courage to imagine problems that are not present ever. I have thought about enough, now is time to do. I still have too many doubts but one by one they dissolve.

I am working on Strider for a dream and I am happy.

StriderHull primerStrider navy blu

2 Commenti to “Working on Strider”

  1. Emanuele says:

    Dai grande Ruggero!Dopo il lungo addestramento a bordo di Gioiamia Grande e il training nei cantieri Gioia questi “lavoretti” per te sarranno una passegiata! Ci sentiamo così ci aggiorni sul tuo preogetto! Un abrraccio!

  2. Gianni says:

    Tu sogni e sei felice…noi sognamo e siamo felici…magari un po’ preoccupati ma felici!


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