LED lights

Jun 14th, 2012No Comments

One of the easiest jobs on Strider would have been switching all lights to LEDs. I say it because, as with any first time job, a lot of unexpected details popout and increase (sometimes significantly) the estimated time. In this case, the simple replacement of incandescent bulbs has turned into working for days instead of the estimated 10 minutes.

After buying the LEDs equipped with an electronic protection and free of emissions which may interfere with radio reception ( www.BedazzLed.uk.com ) I found that did not fit in the old ceiling (1968). After a moment of discomfort, in which I thought to buying new leds and ceilings, I have tried, novice electrotechnical, with soldering, hacksaw and various tools (as well as three new micro switches) the modification of ceiling lights and leds.

At the end, they are not perfect and beautiful, soldering and wire work are creepy for experts eyes, the replacement will be very complicated … but they work. Indeed, they are also too bright.

To be promoted I just have to test them with vibration, shock and humidity. The next month.


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