Solar Panel MK1

Jul 12th, 20121 Comment

It works! Or so says the little light of the controller. I installed the 80watt solar panel (obviusly Chinese) and the little light tells me now that the regulator is charging the batteries. The batteries were running low, so that might have ruined forcing me to change them, however after a day with the panel the manual reading of the battery gives me about 13.7 volts. So everything seems to work and I am very happy.
I am not so happy about the perch. Among the various options I chosed what seemed the easyest. I did it 2 meters tall to can stay under it, but it is really too flexible and I suspect the vibrations and shocks can quickly made the panel useless.

After a long debate with members of the Ribble Crousing Club, always kind and more than willing to help out, we decided a huge change. We lower it and welding the steel we insert two horizontals poles to get a unique solid structure. We will see in the coming days.
Apart from the perch, to install the panel, it took me a couple of days; although of course I had planned less than a day. It’a particularly as these two days of work affects on my mood. Before I feel to lose a lot of time and to proceed too slowly, but now I seem to have almost finished and I see the glass half full. Although I have to meddle the perch and the windvane is not yet installed.

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  1. matteo says:

    Ciao Ruggi,

    sabato scorso abbiamo provato a chiamarti con il cell del Presidente. Eravamo a Sabaudia dove abbiamo chiuso l’ennesima stagione sportiva. Hanno chiesto tutti di te…volevano anche sapere come poter seguire in tempo reale la traversata…se puoi inviami per sms il numero del satellitare.

    Un GRANDE abbraccio da noi tutti !!!

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