July … 2013?

Sep 28th, 20122 Comments

After a long time I finally update my blog. Maybe someone imagines me in the ocean at this time, and I wish with all my heart could give him reason, but unfortunately i am still on the ground dealing with the works on Strider.

I would also like to say that this delay depends on the wettest summer in British history, but it’s not the whole truth. My inexperience and naivety in consideration of my limited budget had led me on putting down the list of minimum works to do on Strider. Against my predictions I discovered on my skin that, talking about boats, youhave to multiplied by three the extimated working time. And so the budget, unfortunately. In addition, I have made it clear that the works that I had set aside are actually really needed. With the result that my work list for a certain period, between errors and afterthoughts instead of shortening get longer.

The installation of windvane, estimated by excess in seven days, at the end required a month’s and the construction of an full new stern bracket. The solar panel originally planned and mounted on a high perch on the stern, proved to be too unstable and required added time for the new installation on top of the hatch. Then i have been convinced to replace the rubber edge windows with the most solid with tick plexyglass bolted and glued to fiberglass. Finally, two jobs that I had set aside have made a huge comeback in the list. The sprayhood, because folkboat are “wet”, and new cockpit drain holes because that existing one is really too small to drain the cockpit flooded by a bad wave.

In conclusion, I’m still here to work on Strider. The windvane steering system is mounted (but not tested), solar is working, the new windows are in place. The rudder, in which I found a couple of cracks has been dismantled and completely repaired. But new cockpit drain holes and sprayhood are still on the list of works. The good time to leave England is getting scarce, and when I will have finished and tested everything could be far too late to start (for a rookie like me). Add the fact that my poket are almost completely drained out and you’ll be in my current dilemma: to finish and leave and then we’ll see or do things more carefully and delay the departure of a year?

Windvane MK1Windvane finalSolar panel MK2

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  1. Gianni says:

    Le danze della pioggia di Lalla e Tatta hanno funzionato, cosi’ come le macumbe di tutti i T’Boys e sopratutto del bomber/capitano.

    Un solo messaggio…torna a casa in modo da…rigiocare tutti insieme (twins e tb) e ripartire l’anno prossimo…tutti insiemeeeeeee (altro che solitaria)!!!!

    Zio Ruggi maddovvevaiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!

  2. I lavori che hai fatto mi sembrano giusti.
    In generale se si aspettassea partire quando veramente tutto è a posto non si partirebbe mai! Tuttavia le cose essenziali per la sicurezza e la navigazione debbono essere in ordine, lo scarico del pozztto mi sembra uno di quelli!
    In ogni caso buon vento!

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