Windvane and solar

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Established that eventually the reason won and I, with a lot of suffering, postponed the start to the next year; with the next posts I will try to explain the works I’ve done so far on Strider.

The windvane and the solar panel installations were the two main jobs I wanted to do. At the end I was able to install them satisfactorily but with mistakes and second thoughts it took more than a month. Needless to say, I had preventivated much, much less.

The windvane steering, servo pendulum model, because of the external rudder and the curvature and of the transom gave me a hard time and made me make a few useless holes on Strider (now these holes were closed). The original bracket for use with this type of transom could not fully embrace the helm (first two uselessholes). Thomas sent me extensions, but using them in addition to mahogany to cushion the curvature of the hull, I got a structure that would not give me the right sense of solidity (two other useless holes). So I decided on the advice of Chris to built from scratch a new structure for Strider. Thanks to Chris that built it starting from a piece of a shopping cart, now Strider have a perfect and very solid bracket in galvanized iron. We also modified the rudder head to minimize the distance from the transom.

At the end I delay the start of one year.


The solar instead took only two unnecessary holes. The first installation, on the high perch on the stern, was too fragile. There was no way to prevent the vibrations transmission from the boat to the panel. So with the large panel in my hand I searched for the new position, and the only option was the one above the hatch and under the boom. I know it is not the recommended position for efficiency etc but it is my best position possible. To give an extra touch the panel is adjustable of twenty degrees per side and can be removed and stowed below deck.

At the end it took me a lot longer than expected, but it was worth it and now I am very satisfied with the result.

Windvane South AtlanticWindvane finalSolar panel MK2

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