Reusing and recycling

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In the world of boats when you buy something that says marine, even if the same product is used under a different name in other tipeof works, you have to pay three times its value. So all sailors who, like me, are forced to move in tight budgets; every time they try to buy the product without the name Marine. It is a rather complicated process, because it requires research, technical knowledge and experience, but given the price differences it worth the effort. To give an example, to mount the new windows I used a fantastic professional silicone from Arbo used in the house building, paying less than 4 pounds instead of the 20 pounds asked by the specific product of Sika. If you want to survive, for everything you need to check the not”marine “alternatives.
In this context, the maximum efficiency is achieved when the materials used are second-hand or when you reuse in a new way, sometimes fanciful, something you have and that with some adgiustments result perfectly suited for the purpose of that particular work.

Here in England there are flea markets moving all around the country called Boat Jumble, where you can buy new products at substantial discounts or second-hand equipment at bargain prices (the maximum you is when the seller does not know what is selling, and it happens!). In a Boat Jumble I bought my CQR anchor saving a lot. But I saved even more, and is one of the things I’m proud about the work of Strider, recovering discarded pieces of wood and turning in my small library and compartments of the chart table. Or to turn the useless perch of the first version solar panel in a sturdy stern pulpit. But where I touched the top in recycling has been using a piece of a shopping cart as part of the bracket for the windvane steering system, and in converting an old door office in plexiglass of half-inch (thanks Ricky) in sturdy, beautiful windows for Strider. Not to mention the things that I have been given away …

There are still many items of expenditure that could be drastically reduced waiting and seizing the right opportunity or by using materials and alternative solutions (having the experience and knowledge to do it properly), but in my little I am already very happy with that results.

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