2013 will be the right number?

Jun 13th, 20132 Comments

After seven winter months trying to replenish my wallet with not exciting results, now I went back to England to finish the work on Strider.

The works list is now very small and although there is always the risk that for every one you do you have to add two to the list, I trust seriously to finish in a month or so. Then finally I will put it in the water to see if it works.

The idea is to spend another month in test, settings and small (hopefully) final changes, then try everything in voyages of more than a few hours granted by the tide on the Ribble. Maybe the Isle of Man or Ireland. After passed these tests I will only have to wait for the right weather and eventually leave.

The works that I have to do, even the big hole in the hull to secure the cockpit, should not give big problems. Instead, what makes me anxious are those thousand contingencies that could pop out and stop me. I fully trust in Strider but until I have him tested at sea I have to keep this anxiety. As I have to live with the knowledge that at the end of all the weak link could be me.
It would be really frustrating after all the hard work done, ending up with the boat in a god shape to deal with the ocean in safety and find that the biggest obstacle is the seasickness and my inexperience.

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  1. ilgiovi says:

    Coraggio fratello, non essere ansioso perchè il tuo sogno si stà per realizzare.
    Sei preparato sia dal punto di vista fisico che nautico … andrà tutto liscio come l’olio.
    Non so’ se dice così ad un marinaio ma te lo voglio urlare “IN CULO ALLA BALENA”

  2. Max says:

    ..non c’e stomaco tanto robusto o esperienza che tenga di fronte al mare..
    E’ con Lui che devi entrare in sintonia , che ti fa sentire come uno scolaretto al primo esame.
    Andra’ tutto bene, non temere.
    Sono impaziente per te…il mio personale buonvento te lo lascio prima della partenza ;-)

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