The big hole

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Do one or more holes in the hull below the waterline is the most delicate operation that I have taken into consideration for Strider. So delicate that I’ve thought about seven months to decide how to realize a system to drain the cockpit quickly.

Originally, the Invicta 26 is born with only one small drain hole, in a central position and at the end I’ve added a new one above it, and this new drain hole has a diameter of 4 inches.
Before we get to this solution, which led to the sacrifice of the old petrol tank, which moreover I was not quite sure of the estate, I asked around (even on internet forums) obtaining practically a different answer per person. Sometimes very simple, “brought a couple of good buckets”, others a little vintage “when you need it cover the cockpit with a resistant tarp” or very uncomfortable (even if correct) “reduce the volume of the cockpit”, passing through all the technical variety such as “two-pipe crossed to avoid filling the cockpit instead of empty with the output possibly at the stern.”

The final solution, not necessarily the best, once again was heavily dictated by the design of Strider. With guard bunks, stern locker and the volvo penta MD5A engine did not leave much room for choices. Eventually I built a fiberglass pipe (using epoxy) and with that, making him do a 90-degree elbow, from the back of the cockpit drain directly into the sea by the vertical shorter way. To prevent the twisting of the hull and the cockpit to create problems I removed rigidity to the whole pipe interrupting it (above the waterline) with a rubber coupling installed with abundant use of sikaflex. Finally, since the pipe is in the stern locker, I have protected it from possible damage with a wooden base.

Now that it is finished looks solid and definitely will fulfill its function (someone says it could also have other uses …), it might have some secondary effect motoring and with the waves beating on the stern.
However, even if opting for the solution of two buckets I would have saved myself a lot of headaches, not to mention the expense, I am convinced I made the right decision also considered the emergency possibility of closing it.

The pipeThe elbowCockpit drain hole

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