The launch

Jul 25th, 20131 Comment

July 22, 2013 special date for me and Strider. The launching.

After almost two years finally Strider is in the water. With a not exactly exemplary maneuver we reached the mooring, and first important points are archived, it floats and does not leak. The first two days of testing in light winds were positive in a way beyond my expectations. There are only minor adjustments to make.

The genoa, very nice, pulls like a mule and Strider takes very little to pick up speed. I have yet to try the windvane but I’m optimistic about it.
My mood? Well clearly I’m very happy but this does not prevent me from being woken at night by some anxiety and fear that then vanishes putting foot on Strider.

Now there are some other test days, then the tide will drop and I’ll have to wait a few days to be able to set sail again, and probably will be a very very long sailing, heading south …

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