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I imagined myself in the middle of the ocean in calm, without wind at all and with the sun beating down, then I imagined upwind in rough seas at the helm in the cockpit lashed by salt spray …

So even if dropped from the initial list of jobs the sprayhood has been re-inserted in the list provided to find alternative solutions to £600 (GBP) that are normally asked for a sprayhood to measure.

The solar panel previously set and the design of Strider forced me to an unusual but still very solid shape. My sprayhood is anchored laterally and develops only towards the stern (the photos below are more effective than any description).
For the structure I used steel joints and pipes (stronger than usual). Pipes that I have filled with sand and bended until the desired shape; this technique has already been tried for the stern pulpit.

Regarding the fabric, using connections that a “family” club as the RCC create, I was luky to find a retiree who worked with sewing machines suitable and that continues to keep himself busy doing odd jobs. To sew it all he asked pretty much just the cost of materials or a little more. Of course the fabric is not the popular Sunbrella but simple and robust acrylic pvc coated, the seams are not triple, the details are not very accurate and sides could be touched up a bit, put the fabric on the tubes is laborious and probably I’ll have to keep in place without being able to fold down, in short, is not perfect but considering that with less than 150 GBP I got the protection and strenght that I want for navigation without spending a fortune usually requested, I am really pleased with the result.

Now I can imagine the Doldrums and hard windward routes without making me come in hives.

Sprayhood framesCanvas templateFinal Sprayhood

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