Dreams Vs Reality

Aug 12th, 2013No Comments

The last test with Strider was a tough lesson for me. Wind from west at 20 knots and something more, short waves result of the shallow waters and strong tidal currents of this Irish Sea. Leg Lytham – Piel Island, 25 miles to the north, and about 6 planned hours of sailing, which have become more than seven to avoid the very confused sea around “deep Lune.”
The verdict was merciless: seasickness. I knew that I would have suffered, but frankly I was hoping something better. What’s worse, I realized that I would not have had the strength and lucidity to act in the case of serious emergency.
Another point that gives me a headache are the maneuvering under engine in a confined space, such as out of the berth. Almost every time I go out something happen.

This time I went with the stern in the mud and the wind helped by the current turned Strider in the wrong direction, and if it was not for Dave I would still be there trying to go out and hitting boats.

The good news, because at least there was something positive, it is the behavior of Strider. Although it was fully loaded, perhaps more than necessary, did not show major problems with the sea and the waves. And the waves directed to the cockpit were mostly diverted by the sprayhood which has thus proven to be robust and efficient.
Therefore, despite dreamed of being able to leave immediately, I realized that in fact there are steps to take and that I can not avoid them.
I need time to let my body adapts to the movements of Strider and make peace with seasickness. And then I need a lot more confidence in motor maneuvering.

How much time will be required at the end I can not absolutely predict. I just hope that my fears will not slow down.

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