Blackpool to Belem nonstopAmazzonia Sempre… is a Atlantic ocean crossing, singlehanded and nonstop from Blackpool(UK) to the Amazon (4100nm). On a 26 feets sailing boat built in 1968.

I’m not looking on strange primates or challenges beyond the limits, but only the realization of this sea dream.

I am conscious (probably not completely) than it will be tough and the many obstacles I may face, also beacuse i am immune to sea sickness and my experience is limited.
But I strongly believe to succeed and will invest all my resources and my energy in realizing this dream.

I have twenty years of preparation on my back, now is the time to do it!

The departure with the Bay of Biscay crossing will be the most difficult part.


The start will be from Blackpool because it’s where I found the boat. While the destination is the Amazon for more than one reason: I love to think of nature as a great mother and not as something that goes defeated and conquered. I dream to cross an ocean in order to have time alone to find the balance within and out of me, and all this brings me to choose Belem, the gateway of the Amazon, as an ideal arrival. I decided to call my adventure “Amazzonia Sempre…” inspired by the green heart and fighting spirit of the poet Marcia Theophilo.

The departure is scheduled for early July 2012, the exact day depend on the weather of the moment and on the state of preparation of Strider. July because according to the “pilot chart” it shows favorable winds. The hardest part will be just the start and the first week, a little bit because I need time to found my rhythm with the ocean but mostly because I have to go through (well off) the Bay of Biscay of undoubted fame.
Reached and doubled, always well-off, Cape Finisterre (the extreme northwest of the Iberian Peninsula) i should meet the Portuguese trade winds carrying me toward the south. From there, the most difficult part will be spent and in front of me is the Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands and then will point to the west-south-west with the idea of cross the equator around 27°W to pass doldrums in the most convenient point. The last part will be in the south-east trade winds that will push me to the goal; Belem port of the Amazon.

13 Commenti to “What”

  1. carla melandri says:

    c è qualcosa o qualcuno che puo impedirti di commettere questa Follia )

  2. Valeria says:

    Se vorrai salutare gli amici dal porto alla partenza, io sarò lì con te senza lacrime d’addio, e guarderò con felicità il tuo volo da una terra all’altra…
    Grande Baloo
    Valeria F.

  3. cinthia says:

    I sogni devono essere realizzati, e l’Amazzonia è splendida. Controlla la barca, equipaggiati in sicurezza, e … Buon Vento!

  4. Agnese says:

    NOOOO!!! voglio venire pure io, uffa!!!!
    Buon vento e fai tante foto!!!! un abbraccione enorme dalla roscia!!!

  5. Massimo says:

    Un in bocca al lupo per il tuo progetto, tienici informati.

  6. pipposail says:

    non aspettare più, parti e vai……. la barca, le attrezzature ed altro sono solo dettagli che oltre tutto riuscirai a ottimizzare e sistemare del tutto solo dopo che avrai fatto la tua esperienza oceanica, le tue miglia con quella barca, solo allora sarai davvero in grado di sistemare davvero le cose con consapevolezza.
    Un ciao ed auguri da pipposail

  7. M.J. Mons says:

    Sounds like an interesting project. Looking forward to reports from the trip.
    All the best!

  8. …zzio Ruggi, madddovvevvvaaaiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Gipsy says:

    Ma se magna?…

  10. Chris Norris says:

    Hello, I wish you luck with your voyage and will be interested to follow your progress as my son and I have just bought an Invicta 26 to learn to sail in. Although at this time we can just about manage to cross the Solent, We need some practice before we are in your league!! but I am keen to see how your boat holds up.

    Once again Good luck Chris and Gareth.

  11. Lydia Ciacci, Romolo says:

    caro Baloo, per niente sorpresa della tua malattia, ti abbiamo contagiato per bene, siamo noi i responsabili? Un affettuoso in culo alla balena

  12. TESSI says:

    Ciao Baloo, ti vedo bene, vento in poppa e fantasia! La tua forza è interiore. Il coraggio, la grinta e la determinazione ti faranno compagnia! In bocca al lupo caro amico mio!

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